Acne and diet: how to manage the causes and reduce breakouts

Healthy Eating

Reduce insulin and reduce spots!  Acne need not be tolerated.

If there is one thing I am grateful for now I am older is that I am well past that period of my life time where spots were a constant problem.  I have no idea how much TCP or acne creme I used or the amount of time I spent ‘fixing’ my face in the mirror – and I didn’t even have acne.  No one want to have spots, most of us have suffered with them, and most people seem to think its just ‘bad luck’ or ‘poor skin hygiene’ if you suffer bad breakouts, right?


Ever wondered why sometimes we still get break-outs as adults?  Ever wondered why the creams didn’t quite do what we were told they would when we were younger?

Loren Cordain has a plan that has been scientifically proven to improve acne.  Loren calls Acne Vulgaris ‘A Disease of Western Civilization’ and has done extensive studies and research to find out why we suffer from it and what to do about it.

Here is a very high level overview of the culprit:

Its ‘our diet’.

Specifically, foods that promote hyperinsulinemia (where our body pumps out too much insulin as a result of consantly high blood sugar, caused by high GI and carb based diets!)

What are the worst foods:

The clear message from Cordain is these foods need to be dropped to control Acne.

“Its not what you put on your skin but what you put in your mouth. “

I will go into more detail on this subject in later blogs and will answer direct questions too – it is a really stressful condition for young people and adults but the good news is that it can be managed if you are willing to do the hard nutritional work.  Acne is a disease we don’t need to suffer; it is not some right of passage we should all go through and Dr Cordain has proven methods to help everyone.

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