Our Unique Gym

Our unique gym was designed by elite trainers, not accountants!

We bought everything we thought was necessary to help create the fit, strong, athletic, resilient bodies our clients wanted.

We rejected the ineffective, the gimmicks and the ridiculous—using science and experience to create the ultimate training facility.

We are unashamedly focused on resistance training and having the perfect environment for anyone, at any level, to get the workouts they deserve.

Post COVID – we also offer the safest, most spacious studio to have a great workout in.  Strict hygiene protocols, daily disinfecting processes, every session logged and booked electronically, temperature checks, and space to workout freely, effectively and with ample physical distance between clients.

Some unique features in our facility:

The world’s best free-weights, Watson Dumbbells

Most dumbbells were designed with manufacturing and cost as the primary driver. Our Watson Dumbbells were designed for performance and bio-mechanical, structural balance.

Fat grips for better elbow and forearm strength, rotating grips for less joint stress, and micro-loading to perfectly suit your ability, while reducing risk.

Power racks

We have as many power (safety) racks as we can fit, to create the safest training environment possible.  You may not know how strong you will become—but we do—and we know that, with our advice and guidance, these will be essential to your more demanding programs.

Kettle Bells

We have been teaching KB’s for years and during COVID they became the go to tool for effective workouts, with minimal equipment, and requiring less space than traditional methods.

Perfect for in the gym, but also at home and outdoor workouts.  KB’s are versatile and able to get the heart rate firing like nothing else.

We run private and semi-private instructional courses and have 6 sets of KB’s available in the studio.

Tsunami bars

To be strong you must also be stable. Tsunami bars create a unique training stimulus that can create stability and enhance your training.

Specialty bars

Gyms have barbells—we have safety bars, thick bars, swiss bars, ez-bars, Dr. Tom bars and lots of barbells too.  Challenge every angle, every muscle and every movement with a wide variety of bars to maximize the training effect and get you the best results possible.

Cardio equipment

From uber-quality manufacturer Life Fitness, we have the cardio machines you need to improve cardiac output and the knowledge of how to use them to devastating effect.

Iso-lateral leg machines

We all have legs and arms that are stronger than the other. Dumbbells help us fix that for the upper body and our iso-lateral leg machines fix it for our legs.

Each leg is weighted and moves independently to ensure an equal demand on each.  When squats, lunges and deadlifts are too much or we need greater variety and volume, these unique machines are the perfect answer.

Infra-red sauna

We want to maximize the health benefits of training and occasionally we suggest that IR Saunas may accelerate the health improvements we are looking for. Either with separate sessions or even as part of an interval training session, the unique benefits of an infra-red sauna may be just what you need.

Push, pull, carry with a dedicated lane

Most fitness professionals agree that we should all get better at carrying, pulling and pushing things.  Our ultimate conditioning sessions will often contain prowler pushes, sled drags and loaded walking.  You have to have the space and the length to do them properly, and we do!

Interested in our unique gym? Call or email us to arrange a free assessment at the studio.Book a free No Sweat Intro