Progress Tracking

Our philosophy centres around you and the changes you want to make and measure.

Clients can choose how closely or loosely they monitor health and fitness markers and are completely in control of how they want to assess their progress.  As coaches – we simply provide the tools and advice for clients to make their own choices.

“What gets measured, gets managed” (Drucker, Covey et al.) and this can be applied to training too.  Regularly assessment and tracking of small weekly changes provides coaches with vital feedback as to the efficacy of the current plan and allows us to tweak variables for a client for maximising the plans effectivenes.  Clients can also positively correlate their compliance with results – which helps maintain motivation.

As Paul Check has said, “If you are not assessing, you are guessing” and we want you to know you are getting the right changes.

Tracking does not have to be complicated or onerous.  At the most basic level, every client at Ninth Wave can see changes in strength, endurance, and fitness by having a chart that tracks progress workout by workout.  By the end of a set of routines – significant changes are easy to see and quantify for anyone that wants that feedback.

If fat loss is the objective, tracking can start with simple and non-intrusive circumference measurements or simply looking at the change in how clothes fit.  To spot weekly progress we can utilise weekly photo check-in’s.  These are accurate, unbiased, and easy to compare.  For the ultimate ‘in-gym’ monitoring of lean clients we can use an ultrasound at the studio which is quick, harmless, and highly accurate.

Anyone interested in improving their health will be well looked after by our coaches.  We can educate them on the role of blood pressure, blood sugar, blood ketones, waking heart rate and help them evaluate how their body is handling stress with heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring.  With these metrics tracked, we can alter how much training clients do, how hard they need to work, or how much recovery they may need.  We can even help evaluate the effectiveness of breathing, meditation, and stretching to find the optimal approach for each client.

Tracking can be as simple or as complex as a client needs – but at its heart the value comes from demonstrating that the changes and effort they are making are having the desired effects.

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