A Ninth Wave Fitness personal trainer can turn you around

Our Unique Gym

Why might you want an experienced personal trainer?

We could certainly think of many more reasons to engage with a personal trainer – but then you would need to choose a coach and a place to train.  At Ninth Wave, we have only experienced coaches and every client will be treated to the highest levels of service, which include:

  1. Individualised programs that will be pitched at the right level for you and designed with your goals in mind.  You will have your progress tracked and be able to see and feel the benefits from every session.  Success is a great motivator and a great coach can guarantee it!
  2. Flexible scheduling and supervised workouts means that you will always have coaches available for your preferred times and we can allow you to be flexible when work and life gets in the way.  At Ninth Wave, virtually no one has wasted sessions and we do everything we can to get you in for your weekly workouts, despite your hectic life.
  3. Experienced coaches safely get the most out of you so you never have wasteful or unproductive workouts ever again!
  4. Our coaches will focus on technique and selecting the optimal exercises for you.  They will help you perfect the basics of deep squats, pressing, chins, dips, deadlifts, rowing, and lunging so that you are armed with the most effective tools for weight loss, strength gains, and muscle growth.

With support like this for every client – results are guaranteed!