Fat loss post party season

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fat loss

fat loss

Size may not be as important as frequency when it come to fat loss

So it’s post  party season and you want to lose fat you piled on with extra helpings of turkey, Xmas pudding and champagne?  The temptation with fat loss is to just stop eating, especially the ladies.  The problem with this is the risk of turning your metabolism into a super efficient energy storing machine. Yes, that’s correct, the less you eat, the more your body will want to hold on to fat.  If you don’t feed it it will squirrel away fat stores.

Ideally you want to keep your metabolism fired up to become a fat loss machine, burning a moderate amount throughout the day.  The way to do this is to actually and eat more often.  For many people, particularly those with a history of under-eating or high stress, eating small meals more often can radically ramp up your metabolism, keep insulin under control (think less fat storage), and provide a constant source of energy with less stress on the digestive system.  Remember, keeping your insulin levels pretty even through-out the day is important for fat loss.

You can definitely do OK on 3 high quality meals a day – but to reach protein targets that are important for building muscle and an effective fat burning metabolism, it can be easier, more comfortable, and more successful to eat 5-7 smaller meals throughout your day.