How can we help?

Our Unique Gym

If you are interested in coaching or struggling to get what you want from your gym, here is some information about what we would recommend at Ninth Wave Fitness:

There are three main reasons people struggle to be as fit and healthy as they want – do any of these apply to you?

  1. Struggling to start!  You know that you need to start, but you are not sure where, don’t know what is safe and effective, and you may feel nervous or overwhelmed.
  2. Frustrated!  You already exercise and try hard (well done!) but the results haven’t been as good as you expected.
  3. Stalled! You have a great track record or working out hard and for quite some time – but initial gains have dried up and now you don’t see enough progress.

Here is how what sort of coaching we would offer to help you:

If you are struggling to start: We would recommend Group Coaching.  We know from experience that actually taking the plunge and starting to do something is the most important step but one that you may have struggled with.  We offer affordable entry points into high quality training, to get you going, provide support from a trainer and other group members and feel confident that you have started out on the right path.

If you are frustrated: We would recommend Semi-Private Coaching.  By now, what exercise you do has become much more important.  You now need to be doing the right thing and in our experience many people have fallen into common traps (like excessive steady state cardio) that sell gym memberships but don’t deliver what you really want.  Our trainers know what works and can ensure you don’t waste any time on ineffective routines, exercises, or equipment with dubious benefits.  We know what will give you the best reward for your effort and investment and we can guide you every step of the way.

If you have stalled: We would recommend Private Coaching. When you are committed to longer term goals, how well and how hard you train every time becomes a critical factor than no magazine, book, or website can help you with.  Our coaches will be able to tell you exactly what you  need to do and how to do – that’s the part most people get wrong.  And with individual attention every rep, set, and session will be maximised to get you what your effort deserves.   Using techniques learnt through training with the Poliquin Strength Institute, we can continuously challenge your body to adapt to be leaner, stronger, and fitter than ever.