IR sauna at Ninth Wave Fitness

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NWF now has a 1 person IR Sauna that can be booked in 30 min sessions.  Call or talk to us if you would like to book in – your first session is free!

We have talked about IR Saunas for quite some time and having owned one at home for over a year – we knew we wanted one at the studio for you all to benefit from.  Only a few years ago, I had never heard of an IR Sauna and had no idea of the benefits, I expect many of you are the same, so here are a few of the most commonly asked questions:

  1. Is it safe?
  2. What does it do?
  3. Is it hot?
  4. How often should I use one?

Is it safe?

Infra-red light is not only completely safe – it is actually health promoting!  You will see it in chemists (lamps for your face); in hospitals (IR lamps for aching joints and rheumatoid arthritis); and in expensive beauty places where they use it for improving skin health.  Internationally know health experts such as Dr Mark Schauss, Dr William Rea, and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt all recommend them – we even picked the same brand that they use!

What does it do?

There are several key benefits:

  1. IR Sauna’s can remove heavy metals, plastics, and a myriad of other chemicals more effectively than most other processes – and gently enough as to not cause sickness from the detoxification.  Even the healthiest amongst us absorb metals and chemicals on a daily basis from deodorant, car fumes, plastic containers and wraps, skin creams etc.  Our liver and kidneys are the primary mechanism for removing these toxins – but excreting through a deep sweat can accelerate that process and/or reduce the load on those vital organs.
  2. Your core temperature will increase and the body will burn energy trying to cool it down – watch your heart rate steadily increase and your body absorbs the light and heat deep into your skin and muscles.  An IR sauna is a metabolically cheap way of burning more energy without the extra stress or more exercise or more restrictive eating.  If you are doing everything right already – the extra expenditure can be a tipping point for getting extra lean.
  3. Increases blood flow to muscles for a faster recovery and reduces pain in arthritic joints.  I have witnessed this first hand with my father who limps into the sauna and has to hold on to a rail to walk up stairs – but is much improved after every session.  It is temporary relief (lasting a few hours) but it was beginning to last longer and longer with more use.
  4. It is relaxing and pleasant – hey not everything has to be about lifting more or getting leaner ..

Is it hot?

The temperature can vary – but it is not necessary to have it anywhere near as hot as a normal sauna, which makes it much more comfortable!  You can hold the temp in the 40’s and once you have started the deep sweat – allowing the temp to get higher is not necessary – I will often just open the door for a bit.  The key point is that the IR light penetrates the skin and warms your body – not so much the air you breathe.

If you like it hot – it can go over 70 degrees but this isn’t recommended or necessary.

How often should I use one?

Hey – if you own one then every day would be fine.  To get some benefit from detoxification, I feel 2 times per week would be necessary.  To aid fat loss – we would recommend either after a session or on a ‘rest’ day after a short interval of sprints / rowing / or KB training – 20 mins would be fine.  This would be an incredible benefit to your weekly routine.

What else should I know?

You trust NWF to give you the best and most appropriate type of training and we would not do anything less with other services.  Our Heavenly Heat Sauna is sourced from America, it uses kiln-dried white poplar wood for every part, there are no glues or other chemicals, and glass is used instead of plastic.

Two of the most highly regarded sauna detoxification programs for chemical and heavy metal injury are the The Environmental Health Center – Dallas, run by Dr. William Rea, and the Nova Scotia-EHC, a clinic used to treat Canadians diagnosed with “multiple chemical sensitivity”.  Both of these have used the Heavenly Heat sauna – we trust them more than we trust the marketing material we are given by other companies!

How much will it cost?

For existing members who want to bundle regular saunas into their training regime, we will charge only $15 per 30 min booking.  For non-members looking to try the IR Sauna or make irregular bookings, the cost will be $25.  Bookings are essential.

What do I bring or wear?

Bring two plain white towels for the seat and the floor and a water bottle.  As for clothing, in our experience – the more skin exposed to the light, the better, so shorts and a sports top for girls is good and just shorts for the guys.

You won’t know unless you try.  To book just call, email, or speak to us in your sessions.