The science of lean

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christmas at the beach copyFind Your Sweet Spot – Goodbye to Counting Calories

At this time of year in Australia we all want to get the most out of the weather.  Christmas usually means beach and relaxing.  Although we might not all want the bikini body we had when we were 20 we still want to look our best and maybe trim up a little for the christmas break.  Getting and staying lean at this time of year is a background topic I hear a lot in the cafe’s, shopping malls and gym.Walk into any bookstore and on the health and fitness shelves there will book after book on how to get lean and lose body fat.  All talk about various theories as to why we put on fat, why it’s so hard to get rid of and techniques for dropping unwanted fat.

This month we want to arm you with some very basic, but extremely useful knowledge on how your body processes the food you eat and how this affects body fat and muscle composition.  We will also tackle a few myths around food that are commonly raised in seminars or discussions with our clients.  So, lets start with dispelling one myth from the start.  Myth 1: “Calories in/Calories out” is the best way to effectively manage body fat and body composition.  If it were that simple we could all eat 1600 Kcal’s per day of Special K and be red-swimsuit clad in a matter of weeks.  If it were that simple, adding 1 extra cafe latte to your intake on a daily basis would make you 5 kg heavier every single year!

We do believe that there is a Unique amount of food that will cause a particular person to lose body fat; a range in which each individual can operate without putting on fat; and a level at which an individual will put on excess body fat.  What is also true is that these amounts are completely unique to every person and the amounts are completely variable according to the food you eat and your current body composition!  Therefore we have no way of actually predicting what will happen – all we can do is actually experiment and tweak ‘rules’ to find your own personal sweet spot.  This can take time, patience, and the advice of a good trainer – but is well worth doing because once you know your own sweet-spot – staying relatively lean will be easier for the rest of your life!