Organic cosmetics: beware!

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Are you really using Organic skin care?

What are your Cosmetics and skin care doing to your chances of staying fit and healthy?

Olive oil cosmetic. When was the last time you thought about what effect the products you put on your skin do to your health?  When it comes to labelled Organic Cosmetics, you may be surprised to find out just what many ingredients are, and what health issues they can be associated with. In the cosmetic and skin care industry, claims of organic or natural are not highly regulated like the drug industry or even the food industry, which we all know is not perfect.

What you think is organic, and therefore totally natural and safe, may have some synthetic or allergenic or toxic ingredients.  Yes, that’s right, unfortunately the cosmetic industry seem to draw a very loose line around definitions.  In fact, in the US, they don’t even need to actually list ALL the ingredients.  This can be very concerning if you are really trying to remove as many harmful ingredients from your life as possible.

I always recommend that my clients try to swap to natural products, but finding them is very difficult.  You cannot rely totally on what’s on the label.

If you want to be better informed about the chemical constituents in products so you can make the right choices then I recommend you check out the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

You can get a smartphone app that you can use anywhere to assist you when shopping. Look up your existing product and you may be surprised about how it rates.